Japanese Cruiser Tama Paper Model

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Tama is in a light cruiser of imperial Japanese Navy. She is one of the five “kuma class light cruisers” existed.

Tama plays an active role back in WW2 and I’m pretty sure she is included in one of Kancolle’s characters.

Tama has a big profile behind her in WW2 but it ended in October 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf . Tama was hit by a bomber twice but somehow survived, she was then told to retreat back to Okinawa.

However luck was not on their side as they were shot with 3 torpedo missiles by USS Jallao when they almost reach the shore of Okinawa. Tama sank with all men onboard.

This battleship cruiser model requires 21 sheet of papers to build. The scale would be 1:200 just like featured picture above.

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