Mgebrov-White Paper craft

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Mgebrov-White Armored Tank paper craft we have here is an armored tank car of Russia back in WW1.

After the 150 hp Benz race car was rejected, Merkulyev donated an?American 1,5 ton truck ?White TBC? (?Standart B truck?).?

It was also converted?by the staff-captain of the Military Automobile School (in Petrograd), Vladimir Mgebrov.

While it featured most of the features of the other Mgebrov designs, the White had another limited-traverse turret mounted at the rear of the vehicle, in a lower position, which was equipped with a Hotchkiss 37 mm (1.46 in) QF naval gun.

It served alongside the Mgebrov-Pierce-Arrow both in the Caucasus and on the South-Eastern Front.

There you go the wikipedia explanation of Megbrov-White tank.

I personally love the car as I’ve seen it many times in WW series movies. Did I tell you that I’m a fan WW theme movies?

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