Japanese Submarine I-58 Fleet Girls Papercraft

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This anime girl papercraft is another one from the Next Generation Fleet Girls Tactical Social game of Kan Colle Combine Fleet Girls Collection. This character is based of Japanese Submarine I-58

Remember before I posted strike witches yukikaze here Japanese Submarine I-58 Fleet Girls Papercraft is one of those fleets girl pack.

I-58 was a Japanese B3 type cruiser submarine that served in the final year of World War II.

Modified to carry Kaiten manned torpedoes she has damaged two enemy destroyers with them, but her most significant success was the USS Indianapolis, sunk with conventional torpedoes on 30 July 1945. The submarine surrendered in September 1945, and was later scuttled by the United States Navy.

So this character is basically like what if I-58 is an anime girl character. Papercraft designer is Rahamu