Jingai Makyo Kazeko Papercraft

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Chibi Kazeko or real name Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono, is a wolf demon. She appear in an Ero pc game made by Nitroplus.

She has the look of a cute child but her actual age is much older… much much older…

Kazeko is said to have numbers of incredible demon powers including those that is used by Hero ( the protagonist of Jingai Makyo, he is called hero. How much narcissistic can one be right? ) and since she is a demon wolf, she has the ability to transform herself as a wolf.

Kazeko despise Ignis ( another character in game ) and take her as an enemy but she changed her heart later in game.

Now this model is made by SSN and I have just realized that most of SSN model is from ero games.. Kazeko model comes in two design and this one is in her normal clothing. I will be uploading another version of her later.

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