Kunitachi Mate Idol Paper craft

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Kunitachi mate is the National Life idol character for Poppo Cafe in Fujimidai, Japan.

The characters are Tachibana An and Tachibana MoMo. The two lives a natural life in Fujimidai.

An attends K high school with An participate in Agriculture Research Council while Momo is in Musical club in the K University.

An loves omelette made by her mom while Momo loves creating music and involves in the cultural stuff.

The purposes of these two character is to invites travelers, visitors to stay at Poppo cafe ( name is cafe but actually a home-stay like house ).

Model is made by Nero-Lab, a Japanese famous pepakura designer.

Ok something about the name, the readings is Kunitachi Mate but their official website is Kumitachi Mate. I’m not sure why but since the readings are “Kunitachi” I’m sticking with it.

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