Joshi Kousei Papercraft

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I’m excited to introduce my very first original papercraft creation, inspired by Miyabi907’s unique character. While the character’s name remains a mystery, referred to only as the 1st Year student by Miyabi907, I’ve given her the name Joshi Kousei.

I’ve designed her model to be super simple, perfect for beginners like me (I’m still learning, haha!). Even if you’re new to this, you’ll find it easy to put together. There are a few sections where the pepakura designer didn’t include flaps, but don’t worry. You just need to layer those parts on top of others – it’s a breeze. Just click on the edges of those parts to see where they fit best.

I’m a newcomer to all of this, so bear with me if you spot some awkward poses or not-so-pretty sections. I’ve dusted off Blender, a tool I left behind a while back, and I’m giving it another shot. My goal is to enhance my skills through crafting my own papercraft templates designs. Fingers crossed for some serious improvement!

That wraps it up! I hope you enjoy creating this piece, and if you do decide to give it a shot, I’d love to see your finished model. I’m excited about crafting more papercrafts in the future. Stay tuned for my upcoming creations

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