Kirigaya Kazuto Anime Papercraft

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Hey look who is this guy over here.. Does he even need any introduction? This is Kirito full version figure model papercraft from the anime and video game Sword Art Online.

Kirigaya Kazuto is known as Kirito in the anime Sword Art Online. He mix and match his first and last name for his avatar id in Sword Art Online game. Kirito was among SAO beta player that excel in front line battle to the top tower. He eventually beats Akihiko Kayaba, SAO’s creator and freed 2000 people from the virtual reality game.

While we’re in the same topic, I see that China has made a MMORPG of Sword Art Online although I am not sure if it is the same version as the Japanese SAO MMORPG.

I am sure many of you are jumping in joy right now , so do I 😛 The anime papercraft of Kirito is made by Kevin Villa S. I know his name from .PDO but it did not state his website or anything else so if you know this Kevin do drop me a note so I can credit him back.

File need to be extracted twice before you may see the ‘goods’.

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