Metal Gear Greyfox Paper Model

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Grey Fox is one of the mystery characters that keeps appearing in Metal Gear Solid video games series. He first appear in MSX2 games, and then in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

The ‘Fox’ title that was given for him is the highest rank in FOXHOUND so this guy is actually more powerful than snake but still he end up losing to Snake in MSX2.

In MGS2 I remember seeing him giving pointers to Raiden countless of time and in that series he was called Cyborg Ninja, at this time he has already defected to Zanzibar Land.

Zanzibar Land sounded like a fun place? I don’t know why but I imagine it’s something like Madagascar with a lot of giraffe running around.

Anyway… Greyfox papercraft comes in 2 version lined and no lines. There are two types of file which is PDO and PDF. As for the difficulty, I think it should be around medium easy as the model only requires as much as 4 papers, and a lot of long small stripes parts.

Forgot to mention that if you happen to finish Metal Gear Solid : Ground Zero video game within certain requirement, you will get Greyfox skins unlocked. Greyfox papercraft designer is Corbax

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