Kyle Dunamis Tales of destiny 2 paper craft

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Kyle Dunamis is the main character of Tales of Destiny 2, one of the many Tales video game series by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Tales of Dunamis 2 released back in the PS2 and PSP era and it was one of the game that made Tales series popular. However it was released only in Japan.

Ok guys this is the second model made by me and I am sure it’s an improvement compare to my previous model Fate Testarossa..

I meant that in a way where I am sure that Kyle would be much more easier to build.. Except for his hair. It was doomed from the beginning. Sorry there’s nothing I can do about that.

You guys should blame Son Goku for making that kind of hairdo popular.

If you make this please do share me back a picture of your finished model alongside a paper written with your nickname and on it

ps: Thanks Kevin Villa S. for the tips

Kyle Dunamis

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