Splatoon 2 Jetflame Crest Headgear Paper craft

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So guys this is Jetflame Crest headgear paper craft which is based on Nintendo Switch game Splatoon 2.

The headgear was released in the game via the Splatoon 2 Switch News channel as a promotion for the Chaos vs. OrderSplatfest.

It has the ability of “Run Speed Up” and 3 more ability slots. The hat has 3 star rarity tagged on it.

To make this headgear paper craft, by the way it’s wearable as cosplay headgear, requires 12 sheets of paper. Templates comes in PDF and PDO viewer.

If you have been a frequent visitor then you might remember an older model made by the same guy also from the game Splatoon 2 , https://mypapercraft.net/splatoon-2-headgear-fierce-fishskull-paper-craft/16268/

This model is made by Shiroi

Once you’ve done assembling this you can then try harden your headgear with how to make your paper craft hard like plastic

Papercraft Templates