Serial Experiment Iwakura Lain Papercraft

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What we have here today is Iwakura Lain from Serial Experiment Lain anime series.

When I first gotten to know anime cultures and Japanese thingie, Serial Experiment Lain action movie is the first action movie I saw.

To those that didn’t know, “action movie” refers to a real life anime adaptation made into movie or drama using normal human , actor and actresses . So no it doesn’t necessarily involves kicking and fighting.

It was year 2000 when I watched it.. Was still stupid back then didn’t understand much what’s the story all about but it was pretty sad… I think? I remember the last part she was sad because her crush fallen in love with her best friend so she (Iwakura) turns into an angel.

Made by Kataho, it’s a fairly simple papercraft requiring 2 sheets of paper and comes with PDO guide.

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