Leichter Kampfwagen II Tank Paper craft

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Leichter Kampfwagen II (“Light Fighting Vehicle”) or the LK II was a German light tank from World War I,

equipped with a turret on the upper rear of the car with a plan Install a 37mm Krupp or 57mm infantry gun.

Armor thickness of 8 to 14 mm, with a total weight of 8.75 tons. Powered by a Daimler-Benz 1910 4-cylinder 55-60 hp gasoline engine, the maximum speed is 14 to 18 km / h and the range is 65-70 km.

However, only two prototypes were produced by June 1918, and 580 were subsequently ordered.

I haven’t play the game for a while now but I heard that this tank is available in World of Tanks video game.

Paper craft is easy to build and requires 3 sheets of paper.

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