Chibi Yoshini by MVSE

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Hi it’s me, MVSE. I recently made an A3 size version of the Yoshino chibi model. Constructed in 19 hours with custom Box.

Built this kit in a very fast rush since it’s going to be a first ever papercraft model gift recieved for a friend. Finished this in 19 hours. 14 of it straight work.

Used A3 vellum paper printed glossy. Pakline and markers for the box. This model stands at 9 inches tall and 10 inches full of effort.

It was a really fun build for me, especially since this is my first model I made after months. Only spent at least $8.50 in materials and printing. Expect more models from me in the future

bvs (2)

bvs (3)

bvs (4)

bvs (5)

bvs (6)

bvs (7)

bvs (8)

The words above are from MVSE himself. Thanks MVSE for sharing your work with us!

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