Leichttraktor Tank Papercraft

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Leichttractor is the famous beginner tank used by players on World of Tanks.

It is a small light tank belong to the mighty German nation , even though it’s small many prefer to use it as it is fast and provides powerful damages to other tanks.

Leichttraktor was first used in service during the 1930s but was made during 1922-1929. Just like in the game, Leichttraktor was used for training purposed for the German soldiers.

Make sense right since we too used it in tier 1 and it’s a nice tank to get to know the basics and what not. It’s my personal favorite for tier 1.

This is a simple model which requires only 1 sheet of paper, the scale should be around 1:72 . The PDF file comes from WOT Korean community but it should be no problem for you guys to understand the instructions.

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