Lycoris Recoil Nishikigi Chisato Chibi Papercraft

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This is my favorite papercraft model by S.V papercraft designer, Nishikigi Chisato from Lycroris Recoil, my favorite anime last season!

It’s been a while since I shared any model by S.V, I haven’t check his models for a long time and today I’ll be sharing the link to his nicovideo site of some his greatest models available for free!

Nishikigi Chisato is 17 years old , Said to be the strongest Lycoris of all time. She enjoys solving private-sector problems that the DA would not address. At Café LycoReco, she works joyfully and cheerfully as the self-proclaimed poster girl.

Although it is a yuri bait anime, she is seems to be in love with new Lycoris Takina Inoue who was transferred to her cafe.