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Metal Wolf Chaos is a mecha from a 3rd person shooter game name as titled.


Metal Wolf Chaos is a cult classic video game that throws players into the chaos of a futuristic America. As the President piloting a powerful mech, players embark on a high-octane mission to reclaim the nation from a rebellious vice president and his mechanized army.

Packed with explosive action, witty dialogue, and over-the-top battles, the game offers a unique blend of mecha combat and political satire, making it a must-play for fans of adrenaline-fueled gameplay and unconventional storytelling.

Back on August 6th 2019, a remastered version of Metal Wolf Chaos game was released for STEAM, XBOX One and PS4. The game itself is quite entertaining as you can see from this YouTube video.

To celebrate the remastered released, they released a mecha papercraft of the main character, Metal Wolf Chaos itself.

According to the creator, building this would take 80 hours but if you have been building gundam paper craft before this should be easy as peanut.

A finish papercraft build should be around 30cm tall and 40cm width.

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