Mini Up House Papercraft

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A mini version of Carl’s house from the movie UP. Yes this is house from UP papercraft version. UP is a movie produced by Pixar’s first film to be presented in Disney Digital 3-D.

Background of House From UP

“Up” is a heartwarming Disney film that features a captivating house as a central element. Inspired by the real-life story of Edith Macefield, the house represents resilience and the importance of holding onto memories. Edith Macefield, an elderly woman from Seattle, gained international attention for refusing to sell her house to developers.

Her determination to preserve her home symbolizes steadfastness in the face of change. This touching tale serves as a reminder that the places we inhabit can hold deep sentimental value and be a testament to our personal histories.

The Mini Up House papercraft is designed to be built using cardboard, although you can use other types of paper if desired, cardboard is the optimal choice for this model.

This is because the coloring must be done manually, as the papercraft template does not come with pre-printed colors. Therefore, you have the option to color it in any color you prefer or follow the original Up House model. In terms of coloring materials, I recommend using strong adhesion paint markers.

Another reason for using cardboard is its ability to create a 3D effect in the finished model, as well as its ease of assembly. The thickness of the cardboard makes it easier to combine all the small parts of the model.

In terms of the ease of building, this model is suitable for both kids and beginners in paper crafting.

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