MSZ 006 3B Zeta Gundam 3B Type Papercraft

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Similar to our earlier Gundam papercraft, the MSZ 006 3B Zeta Gundam 3B Type Papercraft, crafted by Rarra, has been generously shared with us by a kind Samaritan.


The MSZ-006-3B Zeta Gundam 3B Type, driven by Shin Matsunaga, is a special version of the famous mobile suit from the Gundam series. It’s like a custom-painted and upgraded Gundam, with cool colors and unique weapons that Matsunaga added to make it his own.

Matsunaga is a pro in combat, and when he hops into this Gundam, it becomes a powerhouse on the battlefield. So, it’s not just about the suit; it’s also about the pilot’s skill and personal touches that make it stand out.

This Gundam papercraft is designed at a 1/60 scale, making it comparable to No Grade or High Grade model kits. Despite being a paper model it poses a significant challenge, falling into the category of difficult to build.

The instructions are straightforward and easy to grasp, similar to the format of the original Gundam model kit instruction manual.

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