SD Reniscita Gundam Papercraft

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What we have here is a custom Gundam Papercraft based on the model of Fenice Reniscita Gundam . This papercraft masterpiece is designed by Kai.

The Fenice Reniscita Gundam offers three available versions: the MG version with the same name, the MG version in clear color, and the MG version Reniscita Alba. It seems that our model here is based on the original version.

This might be the first time i received a gundam model made by Kai. Although I may have downloaded one before, the memory is a bit hazy, especially since I’ve recently begun sharing Gundam papercraft again.

From the images above, it’s noticeable that the color varies slightly. This could be due to some customization or possibly differences in lighting during the photography.

The instructions are provided in a PDO file format, requiring a Pepakura Viewer/Designer for viewing. Regarding the templates, you’ll need 21 sheets of preferably 120 gsm paper for the construction process.

Papercraft Templates