SD Zeta Gundam Papercraft

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Today, we have two version of MSZ 006 SD Zeta Gundam papercraft, generously shared with us by one of our Facebook users. A big thank you to him for sharing this with me.

As per Google and Wikipedia, the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam is typically depicted with masculine characteristics. Yet, the model in question takes a more feminine approach. I’m uncertain if this is a custom design or an officially recognized variant, given my lack of exposure to the Gundam Zeta universe anime.

It’s pretty cool to see how fans in the Gundam community, especially papercraft designers, get creative and put their own spin on the iconic mechs. They don’t just stick to the usual designs; they come up with new and unique versions that stand out from the norm.

It’s like an artistic adventure where everyone gets to add their own touch to these legendary robots. It just goes to show how imaginative and diverse the Gundam fanbase can be.

I mentioned earlier that we have two models today, one crafted by ETTE and the other by Oadean3. The ETTE version boasts a vibrant red color, while Oadean3’s rendition is a bit purple-ish. And of course, with feminine touches.

Regardless of the design choices, I believe this is an exciting and challenging paper model to build, earning it a classification under the Hard difficulty level. Download link below ;