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A demon girl wearing kimono with horn carrying a spear, reminds me of that Aka-oni and Aou-oni character from Japanese children stories. Perhaps this is a girl version of those two demons.

Aka-oni loves children and wanted to be friends with children in the village but all the kids in the village hates Aka-oni. Whenever Aka-oni went nearby the children, the children would run away and throw stones at him thinking that Aka-oni would hurt them.

Aka-oni was sad and troubled. Aou-oni saw Aka-oni feeling down, he then decided to help Aka-oni and start whispering details of his plan. The next day, Aou-oni went nearby the children and start exercising nearby them.

Aou-oni is a big giant and when he starts jumping the whole place feels like it was hit by an earthquake. Aka-oni then come to the rescue, he announced that he would help the children and exorcise Aoi-oni. Aoi-oni realized he made a mistake and run away leaving Aka-oni with the children.

The children thanks Aka-oni for helping them and invites Aka-oni to play with them everyday. Aka-oni was happy that Aou-oni plans has helped him to make friends with the children and the villagers so he ran home in hope to tell of their success, but when he got home Aou-oni is nowhere to be found.

Aoi-oni has left the village because if the villagers and the children found out that Aka and Aoi are friends, the children would then shunned Aka-oni again, so he left and they never meet again… And that is the story of Aka-oni and Aoi-oni. Come to think of it, I highly doubt that this model here is related to the story. It’s probably from some video-game in Japan 😛

Model is by cafetera

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