ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Papercraft

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This is an ETTE version ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam paper craft model based from Gundam Seed Destiny anime.

ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam made a appearances in Gundam Seed anime from episode 2 till episode 50. There are many Force Impulse model kit available in store ranged from Hg to MG series, my personal favorite is 1/100 with clear kit .

It’s quite expensive though about $77. The cheapest would be NG version scale 1/144 with $7 price tag. If you’re just trying out, Daban and TT bootleg are selling it way cheaper with a little less minor quality.

The model requires about 41 papers. All the details are available inside zip files . All templates files are in PDF. A PDO file is available for assembling guide.

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