Phalanx CIWS weapon paper craft

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Phalanx CIWS is an Anti Ship weapon paper craft. It is a close-in weapon system for defense against anti-ship missiles.

The Phalanx has a radar-guided 20 mm Gatling gun mounted and due to its similar shape, it’s also known as R2-D2 – the robot from Star Wars.

This particular phalanx model is based upon the one on Japanese destroyer battleship Ikazuchi . Ikazuchi was the twenty-third Fubuki-class destroyer, or the third Akatsuki-class destroyer, built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the inter-war period.

During the time – WW2, Ikazuchi is considered as the best destroyer ship existed.

Its scale model is 1/40 which is about 12 cm in height. Suitable for adult crafts who prefers hard difficulty.

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