Portal Personality Cores Papercraft

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In Portal game by publisher Valve there is a technology robot called Cores which is also referred to as spheres or personality cores.

What these robot cores do is it house advanced artificial intelligence, mostly unique for their ability to express emotions.

Background Story

Valve’s Portal personality cores are adorable robotic spheres with distinct personalities. From the optimistic and friendly “Cake Core” to the anxious and paranoid “Morality Core,” each core adds humor and charm to the game. They assist the player character, Chell, through puzzles and provide entertaining dialogue along the way.

These cores, with their quirky traits and lovable voices, bring a delightful and memorable element to the Portal series, making them fan favorites. Whether they’re offering questionable advice or expressing their own quirks, the personality cores add an extra layer of enjoyment to the already captivating puzzle-solving experience.

A Japanese papercraft designer nicknamed Mr.Cube has made a papercraft models based on these cores .

It requires only 1 sheet of paper and comes in 4 version which is wheatley, space sphere, adventure sphere and Fact sphere.

Wheatley is the final antagonist in single player game of Portal 2 while the other 3 cores are corrupted cores

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