Revolutionary Girl Utena Papercraft

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Revolutionary Girl Utena or known as Shoujo Kakumei Utena, was broadcasted back in 1997. It’s a yuri anime / manga series by mangaka Chiho Saito.

It seems to be a very well known anime and manga back in the days. I am a big fan of Shoujo-ai manga and even though I haven’t seen this, I’ve heard everyone at least mentioning this manga once.

They used to sell junk food, notebooks, stickers, stationery with Utena’s face plastered at my place.. Made in China . The girls would bought it thinking it’s a cute anime not knowing it’s a Yuri genre.

Neither did I. I never care for this type of art.

I don’t have any clue who made this model kit. It requires 5 sheets of paper.

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