MSA-0011 Ex-S Gundam Papercraft

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The Extraordinary-Superior (Ex-S) Gundam is a major heavy-assault upgrade of the S Gundam.

The unit is equipped with additional armor, extra beam weapons, I-field generators (including one on its chest area), and reflective Incoms, plus two nuclear thermal rocket engines and propellant tanks to further increase its combat range.

The Ex-S also transform into a mobile armor called the G-Cruiser. EFSF pilot Ryu Roots mans the Ex-S in killing New Desides leader Brave Cod.

Ex-S scale models comes with Booster pack and the templates are in 2 version, PDF and JPG. About 69 sheet of papers required to make a complete model. As for the scale I think it should be in MG size.

This gundam action figure is designed by Onepiece. I am quite amazed at how detail this model were. Koreans are scary