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Kirito from Sword Art Online is finally here ! But he looks a bit different , there seems to be something wrong with his uniform ? At first glance I thought he was Squal from FF8 😛

Kirito is the main character of Sword Art Online anime. He is one of beta players that reach higher level and join the battle to defeat SAO’s dungeon . Kirito later married Asuna and defeated heatcliff .

Kirito is designed by Gankutsu O-Taku .

updated on April 26th 2017:

Gankatsu is no longer available on internet even Kirito’s file is missing but for some reason I found it back and now uploaded here on myp.

The file is requested by Charlotte Adamowicz on facebook. Thanks for updating me on broken links.

Since this is rare now I had it password protected which you can find the password in FAQ .

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