Chibi Persona 3 Mitsuru Kirijo Paper craft

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I am let down by the recent announcement of Persona 5 delayed to Valentine day 2017 but Mitsuru is still going to be released today.

Personally in my honest opinion Mitsuru has more parts than our main character Nurakami Yu From Persona 4 but is more easier to assemble.

I did a few editing with my humble noob skill which may make things easier to fold. Or it could be worse.

The height is similar to Nurakami which is 35 CM tall. This is actually a chibi version of Persona characters but I failed to mention it before.

A bit of history : Mitsuru is among main characters for Persona 3 and she is the daughter of Kirijo Group and she’s the school student council president.

In the game you can only capture her heart as your girlfriend in your 2nd gameplay re-run. She also appeared in the anime version of the series.

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