Setsubun Bean Box Papercraft

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Setsubun is a festival made to celebrate the coming of spring season in Japan. To celebrate it, they throw soy beans to chase away evil spirits or “oni”.

The soy beans will be placed inside a wooden small box and another person would be wearing Aka-oni mask and they will throw beans at him , this action symbolize chasing evil spirits.

Kind of a waste to throw beans like that. Perhaps Japan has too much of beans that they had to play with it. It’s better if they donate it to me as I love soy beans product such as soy milk and tau fu fa.

The model that we have here is kids model, elementary paper model to be exact. The model includes Aka-oni mask and the bean box templates. I am posting this here because the box is actually a cool looking paper model that can be used as desktop accessory, you know like placing your eraser or coins and stuff. If you’re a girl ( or a dude ) you could use this to place any small make-up accessories like lipstick, or brooch.

Wait a minute.. I’m not sure if I spelled make-up properly there since I’ve never used that word in any writing sentence before. Is it make-up or makeup?

Japanese and their boxes product are something that is nation-widely known as best designs. It ranges from house, furniture, and kitchenware stuff like this boxes here. If I were to visit Japan, these kind of product is what I would buy, they represent Japanese culture 😛 And of course anime and whatnot is also a sub-Japanese cultures.

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