SAO Silica and Pina Paper Craft

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Silica or Shirika is the underage girl who is a beast tamer and own a dragon name Pina, who is also popular as a mascot and most guys in Sword Art Online wants to marry her despite her age being 13.

That is what I got from her description page on SAO wiki. Yes Silica is a character from Sword Art Online novel, manga, anime and video game.

This Silica and Pina model is made by non other than Kevin Villa S. It’s the same designer that previously made Heathcliff, Kirito and Asuna figure version paper craft.

Silica and Pina were made in 3 version, Pina version, Silica version and Silica with cape version. They all comes in PDO only which of course you need to extract it first from winrar/winzip .

Someone ask me this question recently, why did I said templates files is in PDO but what he downloaded is in Winrar.

I seriously unsure if he’s trolling or being honest but I answered you anyway. I hope you will share us your model soon?

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