The Eren fight is still ongoing

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All right folks, remember back then I said I need 30 people to share their finish model of Eren in order to unlock 2 face plate model? Yes the one in the featured picture above is the two face plate that is missing from the templates files you downloaded before.

Now, up to this moment I’m writing, only 3 person shared their finish model of Eren. We still need 27 more.. I see more than 300 people downloaded Eren templates so why are you guys being shy for? Come share me your Eren and unlock this face module.

Originally the Eren model comes with face module with 1 plain face, 1 shocked face, and 1 angry face. Perhaps I didn’t give you guys enough motivation before so I’m showing you a preview on how it looks like. Happy?

Now come and share me your Eren finished model 😀