Life Size Yuuki Asuna Paper Model

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Who would’ve thought that someone would be crazy enough to build a life size model of Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online anime.

Some would think that stand ups poster would be enough, some would like to have her in dakimakura version , and now we have one who seem to want it in a life size paper model. To each of each one fetishness eh?

As for me I’d prefer to have a dakimakura Asuna, in fact I did I went searching for it last year. The only thing I found is a sexy, obscene version of Asuna which I found quite disrespectful of her image.

These sellers think all we want is to fap to the pillow, what I want is a cute Asuna on my pillow. I don’t need to see her showing panties or in a shameful pose.

So in the end I didn’t buy it since there was no one selling a pure version of Asuna dakimakura. I feel sorry for Asuna 🙁

If you are somewhat prefer a clean version of life size Asuna than this paper model here is your best bet. The scale is 1:1 , or maybe more since the picture shown Asuna model almost as tall as that 7 feet tall door…

About 119 papers is needed to build this and it was designed by tankball which will be making a video guide soon so check his page for more info.

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