Shion & Nezumi by Hanna Ha

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Hanna Ha contacted me on FB and shared with us her model of Shion & Nezumi papercraft. Shion and Nezumi is from No.6 novel character series by Atsuko Asano .

A little bit of word by Hanna Ha of this high quality paper models of hers:

I built Shion and Nezumi in about 3 days, on each day a view hours. I think it isn’t very difficult. The hardest parts are the hands because they are so small, but it isn’t impossible.

I don’t fix the body to the legs, so i can change the posture of them and let them kiss each other. I made Nezumi’s scarf out of a coffee filter. They are standing very good because of the basis forms.

Okay.. If you guys didn’t notice this yet, Shion and Nezumi are both otoko.. Hana is showing us her BL’s love here which can obviously seen from list of manga behind the two models..

Thanks Hanna for sharing your model with us and please do share your model with MYP again.

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