Skyrim Steel Sword Papercraft

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In The Elders Scroll: Skyrim video game, this Steel Sword can be found in dungeons where undead skeleton soldier would be sneakingly attacks you.

Steel Sword could also be found in blacksmith, chest loots and enemy that you killed or decided to pick pocket. Unless you enchant them, the price is not much. I bought Skyrim second-hand for my PS3 about 6-8 months after it came out.

I sold it back to the market for the same price I bought it which is about $30, soon after there was an uproar over PS3 is not getting the same content as Xbox 360 consoles, Bethesda the company that created Skyrim video game went silent and not giving much information if they will come out with a patch fix and new content for the PS3.

A while later Gamestop PC had a sale and I got my Skyrim pc game for $20. Not a bad catch I think.. It’s the cheapest at the time for a brand new game

Skyrim Steel Sword papercraft designer is Bryan Tan, he made a lot of games and military papercraft. The details on this steel sword is realistically engraved and it comes with removable scabbard just like in game. This is one of Bryan best work so far

The scale of Skyrim Steel Sword papercraft is 1:1 and great for cosplay or Halloween.

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