SL Yamaguchi Locomotive Train Papercraft

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SL Yamaguchi Locomotive Train was built in 1937 and has been in service of SL Yamaguchi-Go since 1937 and still in service now in Yamaguchi prefecture Japan .

This locomotive has been keep carefully and is a popular tourist attraction where tourist could ride through Shin-Yamaguchi to Tsuwano, the “Little Kyoto of Western Japan” .

Sl Yamaguchi is consider as special in Japan as tourist could enjoy huge clouds of steam puffing out of the engine in front of you, stewards will roll by with snacks and enjoying box lunch in cabin as everything is still being keep in Victorian-era .

SL Yamaguchi Locomotive Train papercraft has 21 parts, need 1 sheet of paper and comes in PDF file.

It is a beginner papercraft and suitable for kids and adult but do not underestimate this locomotive model, even though it is easy it is still a stunning model worth making. As usual the instruction is in Japanese