FF8 Squall’s Gunblade Papercraft

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Final Fantasy 8 is the best Final Fantasy series ever nuff said. Flame war yeah!! Joke LoL.

This is Squall Leonheart’s sword, Gunblade. The gunblade is the weapon of choice for Squall Leonhart and his rival, Seifer Almasy. Despite its name, it cannot not be used as an actual gun.

Squall and Seifer are the only ones who can use a gunblade in combat, while Laguna Loire uses one in a flashback mini game, and also mentions he trained with one in his early years as a Galbadian soldier. Gunblade in Final Fantasy 8 are a bit orthodox in its design compares to other Final Fantasy series , however I still prefer the classic look of it in FF8.

FF8 Squall’s Gunblade Papercraft comes with griever’s necklace, requires 11 sheets of paper and has 28 parts. It is scaled at 1:1 and the finish length of FF8 Squall’s Gunblade Papercraft is 50 inch. FF8 Squall’s Gunblade Papercraft papercraft designer is Eu Tyto Alba.