Soviet BT-5 Tank Papercraft

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I thought this tank is the one I’m using in World of Tanks but it turns out not. The one in WOT is BT-7 and BT-2..

Anyway this BT-5 Tank is called a fast tank, it’s build during 1933/1934. BT models tanks looks indifferent within each other but each model is upgraded and re-enhanced their body significantly and given each variant model a unique functionality.

For example BT-5PKh is amphibious ? I suppose it means it can swim a bit and it was fitted with a snorkel and completely water proof . The BT-5-A is equipped with artillery supports. The Bt-5-OT was equipped with a flamethrower and RBT-5 was equipped with a rocket launcher.

I am sure that if the designer of these BT-5 Variants above is still alive.. He could be a great game designer.

The scale of this model tank is 1:48.

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