Sylphynford Tachibana , Nana Ebina, & Kirie Motoba Paper craft

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Do you like Himouto Umaru Chan? Today we have another 3 of Umaru’s friend.

Like title their name are Sylphynford Tachibana , Nana Ebina, & Kirie Motoba. These 3 person is Umaru best friend whom doted Umaru and sees her somewhat like an idol.

Except Tachibana. I think Tachibana think of Umaru as a rival in everything but she befriended UMR ( umaru in disguise)

It’s a simple paper toy paper craft which anyone can make and requires only 1 sheet of paper for each character.

This paper model is edited by Luis Fernando paper craft. He contacted me on Facebook and told me to share this with you guys.

Thank you very much Fernando san

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