Steam Locomotive Series 310.433 Paper craft

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Today we have the Steam Locomotive Series 310.433 (ex. MAV XII, later 377) paper craft model.

Model epoch (NEM 814CZ): I c
Information about the subject:
-producer: locomotive Budapest
-income: 1435 mm
-Power output: 221 kW
-weight: 29.1 t
-max: 45 km / h.
Number of steam cylinders: 2
– total wheelbase: 2800 mm
-pressure vapor: 10 kPa
-first production: 1986
Model Model: 310.433
-Accountry: MDC Bratislava, Vr?tky heating

The scale for this locomotive model is 1:87 . Format is A4 paper. Recommended paper is 120 gsm .

Not much info can be found other than the specifications of this paper craft model. Being in Chechen language makes it even harder for me to look for info…

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