Strike Witches Katou Keiko Papercraft

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In Strike Witches anime , Katou Keiko is a Witch attached with the Fuso Imperial Army.

Because her powers as a Witch manifested themselves since before the invasion of the Kaii, Keiko volunteered for the army and matriculated into a military academy.

Upon graduation, she was appointed as a Pilot Officer and assigned to the Army’s 1st Fighter Squadron, under the command of Wing Commander Etou Toshiko.

Just like previous Inagaki Mami papercraft, Katou Keiko’s anime papercraft is of a very high quality precise model compared to its figurine or other papercraft templates of the same genre and it doesn?t use many parts. For every accessories that Keiko uses, it came with different PDO files.

Strike Witches Katou Keiko Anime Papercraft designer is Rahamu.