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Asahina Mikuru bunny girl version papercraft. Asahina is one of the main character in Suzumiya Haruhi’s anime. She is the one that can do time travel using TPDD.

The first job that Mikuru did to preserved the past and help Kyon is to send back Kyon to 3 years earlier on Tanabata day so that Kyon can help Haruhi write an SOS msg to UFO, esper and time travelers .

This bunny suit Mikuru wore is forced on her when Haruhi decided that they would promote their club after school. She was also forced to wear bunny suits while making movies for SOS cultural festival activity.

This model of Mikuru based on FREEing PVC model of her that was released on May 2007.

It is still selling on Hobby Search at the price of 8400 yen , about 80.27 USD. Asahina Mikuru papercraft requires 8 sheets of paper and comes with assembling guide.pass:

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