Komeiji Koishi Touhou Project Paper craft

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This is a new paper craft from touhou project series, Komeiji Koishi the younger sister of Komeiji Satori.

Who is Komeiji Koishi?

To escape the fear and hatred which other beings feel towards the satori species, she attempted to destroy her mind-reading ability by closing her Third Eye.

However, this had the side effect of sealing away her own conscious mind, causing her to lose all thoughts and motives; she could no longer be hated, but neither could she be loved, or even remembered by people who saw her.

Koishi is the extra stage boss in Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism the eleventh official game in the Touhou Project. She is also a playable character in Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo.

Model is designed by Nobu sumatorausagi.seesaa.net

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