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Today, we’re showcasing another fantastic creation by RageBurster, and this time it’s yet another addition from the Uma Musume anime – Mejiro McQueen.


Mejiro McQueen, a real champ in Uma Musume anime, is all about speed, style, and that unbeatable spirit! This horse girl’s got the need for speed and a heart of gold. With her striking white coat and killer moves on the racetrack, Mejiro McQueen is like the cool kid at the school of horse racing.

She’s determined, she’s fast, and she’s the one to watch when the gates open. Whether you’re into horse racing or not, you can’t help but root for Mejiro McQueen in the Uma Musume world! 🏇💨💫

Anime has a knack for transforming animals, buildings, or even objects into animated characters, and I truly appreciate the way they infuse personality into these creations. In my opinion, Mejiro McQueen is among the finest characters in this regard.

This model is scaled at 1/7.

A great thing of RageBurster models is that he/she included password for their models so anyone could resize the pepakura files . As usual do send him/her your finished model at his/her email

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