Combat Helicopter Shorta Bunta Jetta

Who doesn’t love mini attack helicopter? This is an original paper model by Neko No Tsume aka Cat Claw.


Name : Small combat helicopters “Shorta”, “Bunta”, “Jetta”
Application : Patrols, defenses, chases, anti-tank warfare
Length : 4 .8m, height 3.5m, weight 700kg, maximum speed 240km/h (Jetta 350km/h), output 720ps
Armament :”Shorta” 2 ground-to-ground or anti-aircraft missiles ×, 1 ground-to-ground rocket launcher ×, 1 20mm cannon × , “Bunta” × ground-to-ground missiles 8, 2 ground-to-ground rocket launchers ×, 20mm cannon×1 , “Jetta” 2 ground-to-air or anti-aircraft missiles ×, 1 20mm cannon × crew

From the information we can see that there is 3 version of short combat helicopter which is Shorta, Bunta and Jetta. Shorta is excellent in performance, Bunta is heavy type dedicated to ground attack and Jetta is equipped with jet engine.

To build this model, there are 3 – 4 templates needed to print depending on which helicopter wings you want to build. The download is at the bottom of the page I’ll link below.