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Curren Chan gallops into the limelight of “Umamusume: Pretty Derby” with a spirited flair that leaves audiences awestruck. This exceptional horse girl boasts unmatched speed and agility on the racetrack, showcasing a blend of tenacity and skill that sets her apart.

Her vibrant and determined persona paints a picture of ambition, as she relentlessly pursues her dream of conquering the racing world. Fans are captivated by Curren Chan’s unwavering dedication and zest for the sport, making her a cherished favorite in the Uma Musume universe.


Model is made by RageBurster

1/7 scale.

Whether to use the hair bone refers to Actual Fabrication Error.

Choose the silk/lace, naked ear/earmuff the one you prefer.

Use magnets to change the faces.

Password: Ma chérie

If you finally finish it, I hope you could send your photos to [email protected].

Note: Even though it says the password is Ma chérie , I tried it and it says wrong password. So if you really need to resize or edit the PDO file, please contact Rage Burster himself/herself.

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