Play against Ai in Mahjong Soul

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I have always love playing Mahjong mini games in games such as Yakuza series and love reading the manga Saki . But finding a good Mahjong game to play against Ai is quite hard until I found Mahjong Soul.

Mahjong Soul is a Japanese style Mahjong online game that is available on PC, Android and iOS.

Now if you’re like me still learning on how to play Mahjong, possible intimidated playing against another player. However I did not know at first that we could play against Ai in Mahjong Soul.

Probably because I skipped tutorial 😛

If you’re like me, skipped tutorial or stumble upon this site looking for a good Mahjong game against Ai then here’s how to create a game with Ai.

In the Home menu of Mahjoung Soul, choose friendly match and create room.

Once you created room, choose vs Ai. It’s up to you to choose 4 player or 3 player game.

On the next screen you could invite your friends to play against the AI too or just press start and play against AI.

If you don’t remember the rules or still learning, Mahjong Souls always have a menu where you get to learn all the rules again.

Like any other Japanese mobile game, there’s gatcha. If you’re into waifu or husbando there’s option for you to Gacha them as your playable character.

Alright that’s all I can tell you about the game. Of course this has nothing to do with paper craft but once in a while why not ? 😛

I was actually aiming for Clubhouse 51 games on Nintendo Switch because there’s a cool Riichi Mahjong game in it but even on black friday sales there weren’t on sale. Nintendo just won’t give it to me 🙁