World of Tanks KV-5 Papercraft

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Kv-5 is a heavy military Russian tank that is available on World of Tanks multiplayer online game.

This KV-5 model used to be a premium items but has been removed since 0.7.5 patch. The tanks is now viable as normal tanks in the Russian KV series.

It’s one of the top 10 famous tanks prior to 0.8.1 patch as it has large HP, and high front armor although it is a bit slow in movement.

This tanks is actually one of the tanks that I’m aiming to get for but unable to since I still can’t move forward than 3rd Tier. I really suck at this game and keep being killed before getting any kills.

The templates we have here is in PDF so you’ll need a PDF reader to open it. I got this model from Russian WOT website, I supposed it was made by official WOT staff or something.

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