Yamaha Motor Dragstar Classic Eleven DSC11

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Difficulty :

The fourth edition Authentic Bike Paper Model is a big American DRAGSTAR CLASSIC ELEVEN.

Yamaha has faithfully recaptured its complex form including an impressive V-twin engine and a vintage-style dynamic fender.

Feel the “low and long”, wild form up close by making a papercraft model of DRAGSTAR CLASSIC ELEVEN, which has won the first prize in popular votes.

I love this kind of motorcyle model and would always droll for them on hobby shop. Dragstar adult crafts kit here is a perfect replica of their plastic model but assembling this is not easy.

At least for me I could never finish it.

The Yamaha Motor Dragstar Classic Eleven DSC11 papercraft offers two template options. One is pre-colored, and the other is in white. You can choose to print the colored version or opt for the white one to use cardboard and paint it according to your preferences.

It requires 21 sheets of papers to print.

Papercraft Templates

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