Yamaha YZR-M1 50th Anniversary Edition Papercraft

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Get ready to rev up your papercrafting adventure with the Inter-coloring edition YZR-M1, a special bike that tore up the 2005 U.S. MotoGP track!

Imagine celebrating Yamaha Motor’s 50th birthday in style. They unleashed this beast, and now, you can bring it to life on paper.

The thrilling yellow body with a snazzy black strobe pattern is inspired by Yamaha International Corporation’s iconic colors. You know, the legends behind the YZR500 that clinched three back-to-back 500cc Grand Prix titles in ’78, ’79, and ’80?

This classic combo has been a hit with fans for ages and is a vital slice of Yamaha’s racing legacy. In 2005, the Gauloises Team Yamaha gave a nod to history by using these colors in the U.S. Grand Prix.

A few years ago, Tamiya introduced a 1/12 scale model of the YZR M1 50th Inter-color Edition, adding to the excitement for fans and collectors. While I couldn’t find a yellow version on Amazon, I did however see a Valencia colored version for sale. It’s pretty similar but the white version has more character I think?

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For those of you that only wanted the original yellow version, I see that there is some available on ebay. Back to the papercraft, now it’s your turn to craft this piece of Yamaha’s racing legend. Download below

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