Yellow Tachikoma IV Papercraft

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Holly crap I finally found a yellow version Tachikoma ! This yellow Tachikoma is from the Ghost in Shell’s anime.

A few tachikoma that survived from being dismantled at the end of the series went to work as civilian job. This yellow tachikoma work at a construction site but it died defending Batou in episode 25.

This Yellow Tachikoma’s figure costed about $80 . A Tachikoma is a fictional artificial intelligence, walker/roller in the Ghost in the Shell universe; appearing in the manga, created by Masamune Shirow, and the Stand Alone Complex sub-universe.

Nine of them are assigned to Section 9’s use originally. They are spider-like, multi-legged combat vehicles, equipped with artificial intelligence.

Ghost in Shell’s anime series revolves around the members of Public Security Section 9 investigating a case on a corporate terrorist and elite hacker known as The Laughing Man.

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